Best Kong Dog Toys

Kong dog toys are among the finest dog toys currently available to dog users, and they’ve been around for well over four decades. The quality of these toys is unmatched which is why nearly every dog owner you know will likely have on these in their store cupboard.

However, over time it’s become increasingly apparent that some Kong toys are more popular than others and every dog has a preference regarding which toy they’d love to keep around. The best feature of Kong dog toys is that these toys are interactive and allow your dogs to stay active for hours together every day.

In this article, we’ll discuss and review some of the best Kong toys we could find online. Evaluate the pros and cons of each of these toys if you want to purchase the perfect toy for your pooch to play with. But first, let’s take you through the basics of what a Kong dog toy is.

Kinds Of Kong Dog Toys

Since Kong is arguable the most highly reputed brand in the dog toy industry, it’s hardly surprising that this brand produces a wide variety of toys for you (or your dog) to choose from. Each ling of toy that this brand has come up with has some truly unique features which make them well-worth the money.

The classic Kong toy may be the most popular of all Kong toys, but that doesn’t mean that other toys produced by this brand are of inferior make or quality. It’s quite the opposite. In terms of quality, you wouldn’t be far off the mark in saying that all Kong toys are created equal.

The same can be said for the durability of these toys, which is why each product of Kong toys is growing as popular as the next. One of the many reasons why Kong toys beat out their competition time and time again is because they’re so cleverly designed. Kong toys allow for small spaces within the toys that can accommodate stuffing.

In other words, you can fill these toys with your dog’s preferred treats and keep them occupied for a few hours while you work, or you could get them to play some fun games with you.

Best Kong Dog Toys

How to Choose Kong Dog Toys?

Since there are so many Kong dog toys available online today, the wide choice can be overwhelming for those who have never purchased one of these toys before.

These toys are known for their longevity and quality and are second to no other brand when it comes to crafting unique designs for dog toys.

Granted, these toys are more expensive than dog toys from other brands, but the quality of these products certainly justifies the price you pay for them. These toys are designed in a way that allows your dog to release some stress while also having fun playing with you.

When picking a Kong dog toy for your pet, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized retailer or a trusted third-party source online, such as Amazon.

If your dog enjoys playing with puzzle toys, Kong might just be the perfect brand for you to put your trust in. The puzzle toys produced by Kong are superior to other brands in terms of quality and durability. The most popular Kong toys are those that can be filled with treats that your dog will enjoy coaxing out of the toys.

Before you purchase a Kong toy, the most important factor you take into account is your dog’s preferences and how likely they are to chew these toys aggressively. Depending on these factors, you can choose from rope toys, rubber toys, soft toys, and more.

Why Kong Toys Are Great for Your Dog

Kong dog toys are most popular because they offer great benefits for your dog. The number one reason behind this brand’s popularity is that its toys offer mental stimulation for your dog. If you’ve had a dog for a while, you’ll be familiar with how easily they can get bored.

This boredom could eventually lead to feelings of anxiety and stress which in turn could lead them to express their emotions in unhealthy ways. This often causes bad behavior among dogs, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they start chomping into your furniture and all household items in their vicinity.

This is how Kong toys can help. These toys feature unique designs and shapes that your dog is sure to find interesting. There’s a reason these toys are as popular today as they were four decades ago – they keep evolving. Some of the best Kong toys available today are puzzle toys.

These puzzles are interactive and allow your dog to exercise their brain healthily and release some of their anxiety at the same time. You’ll soon find that you find these toys great as well which will allow you to have a great bonding experience with your dog as you indulge in play sessions with them.

Product Reviews

Now, let’s get to our reviews of the best Kong dog toys we could online and outline the pros and cons of each for your perusal.

Make sure you evaluate the main features of each of these Kong products to ensure you purchase the toy that is most suitable to your dog’s needs and preferences.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

KONG - Extreme Dog Toy - Toughest Natural Rubber, Black - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Large Dogs


Let’s start with the most popular Kong dog toy – the classic extreme rubber toy. This toy is currently available in five different sizes: small, medium, large, X large, and XX-large. This toy is shaped somewhat like a snowman and it’s surprisingly easy for dogs to grip between their teeth.

Besides, the fact that it’s available in a variety of sizes means that you’re sure to find a size that’s perfect for your dog to hold in their mouth without dropping now and again. This toy is made using rubber which makes it easy for your dog to chew into without tearing it apart.

Rubber offers just the right amount of resistance and flexibility to make a good chew toy for your dog. However, this toy is more than just a basic chew toy. You can even use this toy to play fetch and chase with your dog. In other words, it’s ideal for interactive games as well. Given that it’s made out of rubber, it won’t break no matter how far or hard you toss it around.

What may be the best feature of this toy is that it has a hollow inside it that you can fill with your dog’s favorite treats. This makes the experience of chewing the toy more satisfying for your dog and provides great exercise for them as well.

To get the most out of stiffing this toy, ensure you stuff it with some treats and freeze it for a few hours before you give it to your dog to play with.


  • It’s made using rubber which is easy for dogs to chew on
  • It’s durable and doesn’t show signs of damage easily
  • It provides great mental stimulation for your dog
  • It can be tossed into your dishwasher for quick and convenient cleaning
  • It comes highly recommended by veterinarians


  • It’s not as large as you’d want to believe

Kong Scrunch Knots Squirrel Dog Toy

KONG - Scrunch Knots Squirrel - Internal Knotted Ropes and Minimal Stuffing for Less Mess - For Small/Medium Dogs


This dog toy is one of the most unique dog toys you’ll come across mainly because it’s made using knotted ropes on the inside. These ropes allow for minimal stuffing inside the toy itself which makes it very light and convenient for your dog to carry around with them around the house or out on a lawn.

This soft toy is shaped like a squirrel and is very soft to the touch, which means your dog will surely enjoy playing with it and may even cuddle up with it while sleeping. This pelt toy is available in a medium size, which makes it just about right for dogs of nearly all breeds. The sides of this toy have a good stretch to them which allows for easy grip.

However, it’s also available in a smaller size for smaller dogs to play with comfortably. Since these toys don’t contain any cotton or synthetic stuffing, they won’t make a mess when an aggressive chewer eventually rips it open with their sharp teeth. One of the best additional features of this toy is that it’s covered by Kong’s satisfaction guarantee.

Besides, these toys also squeak (and we all know how much dogs love that) so it’s sure to capture the imagination of your dog and keep them entertained for hours together.


  • It’s well-designed and soft to the touch
  • It doesn’t contain any stuffing which makes it less messy than other plushies
  • It contains internal rope knots that make it durable
  • It has a good stretch to it
  • It’s covered by Kong’s satisfaction guarantee


  • It’s slightly costlier than other soft toys for dogs

Kong Extreme Ball

KONG - Extreme Ball - Durable Rubber Dog Toy for Power Chewers, Black - for Medium/Large Dogs


This Extreme rubber ball is another hugely popular offering from Kong that’s currently competing with the snowman-shaped classic toy. This ball is made of black rubber and weighs about 1.1 pounds – making it perfect to play with both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

This is easily one of the most durable dog toys on the market and can withstand the most stubborn chewing from aggressive chewers. However, this toy is not great for chewing alone. Since it’s a ball, it’s ideal for playing fetch too which allows you to engage in some interactive play sessions with your dog.

In doing so, you’ll be able to provide your dog with adequate physical exercise to keep them strong and healthy. Unlike similar rubber balls for dogs available today, this ball has some great bounce on it which your dog is sure to find amusing.

In terms of safety as well, we found this ball to be impressive since it’s resistant to puncturing and doesn’t break apart.

This toy is currently available in two sizes: small and medium/large.


  • It’s quite affordable
  • It’s very durable and doesn’t show signs of damage for months together
  • The materials used in it are perfect for both chewing and interactive games
  • It bounces well which makes it fun for dogs to play with
  • It’s made using only the safest materials


  • There isn’t as much choice concerning sizes as there should be

Kong Ring Rubber Toy

KONG - Ring - Durable Rubber Dog Chew Toy - for Medium/Large Dogs


This toy is designed especially for dogs that enjoy biting into their toys. It’s one of the lightest dog toys currently available even though it’s made of rubber. The natural rubber used in this toy is safe for dogs to chew on, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of this product.

The design of this Kong dog toy is simple but effective, making it both ideal to chew on and play with around the house. The texture of this toy makes it comfortable for dogs to grip between their teeth.


  • The shape of the toy makes it perfect for cleaning your dog’s teeth as they chew on it
  • It’s very easy to play with and allows for interactive play
  • It’s designed for dogs of all sizes
  • It’s quite durable and lasts in great condition for months together
  • It’s made using the best materials sourced from different countries


  • It’s smaller than you’d expect

Kong Cross Knots Monkey Toy

KONG Cross Knots Monkey Toy, Medium/Large


This plush toy is perfect for dogs to play with since it only weighs 0.43 pounds and is quite soft and furry.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dog is – they’re sure to love the feel of this toy between their teeth as they engage in an interactive playing session with you.

This toy contains minimal stuffing and is instead made up of knotted rope that makes it more durable than regular plush toys.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It contains a very small amount of stuffing
  • It’s available in two sizes that make it perfect for small and big dogs alike
  • It’s quite soft and furry making it ideal for dogs to snuggle with
  • It’s made of safe materials


  • It’s quite costly for a plush toy


Using a great Kong dog toy may be an effective way of disciplining your dog and getting them to behave well, but you can also use additional resources to help you achieve the same.

For instance, this program can help you identify, address, and eliminate bad behavioral patterns in your dog.

One of the many ways in which dogs exhibit bad behavior is by making a mess around your house when they’re not properly potty trained.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not very difficult to achieve, and with a few great resources such as the guide below, you’ll be able to potty train your dog in no time.


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