Best Hypoallergenic Food For Dogs

A happy pet means a happy owner. Isn’t that how it goes?! The lives we lead and the changes in our environments bring about changes in our responses to that environment.

Among humans, allergies are at an all-time high. And the numbers of dogs that suffer from allergic reactions are also steeply on the rise.

So, how then do we endeavor to keep our canine companions as allergy-free and comfortable as possible during this allergen onslaught?

One surefire way is to adjust their diet. Start feeding them foods that are specifically formulated to assist dogs with allergies.

We spent a bit of time having a look at what is available on the market, and selected a few specific types of Hypoallergenic food that carry our stamp of approval.

Best hypoallergenic food for dogs

These fifteen brands have great reputations, the food itself is scientifically formulated and tested to make sure your dog still gets a balanced meal every time, and every one of these foods specifically takes your dog’s allergy needs into consideration.

CANIDAE Pure Dog Food

Canidae PURE Grain Free, Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Lamb, Goat and Venison, 24lbs


This is a limited ingredient food. Basically, this means many of the ingredients in other foods – things that are often nice-to-haves – have been eliminated in the composition of this specific food.

This is done without skimping on taste and texture, and while retaining all the essential nutrients your dog relies on to stay healthy.

The Canidae comes in a variety of flavors – venison, goat, and lamb, for instance – to ensure your dog doesn’t get bored with the same old, same old.

Canidae also adds probiotics to the mix to boost gut health, and glucosamine to support joints.

What makes it special?

  • It has only 8 ingredients, but all the necessary flavor and nutrients
  • It’s made with proteins (the main cause of allergies) dog’s aren’t sensitized to
  • It contains absolutely no wheat, corn, or soy (also major allergy triggers)


  • The recipe variety is WILD! No boredom for pooch here
  • Joint health is supported with chondroitin and glucosamine
  • Also, added omegas promote healthy coat and skin
  • Chock-full of antioxidants and probiotics


  • Some of the recipes (chicken is an example) are not as effective against allergies

Brothers Complete Allergy Care Dog Food

Brothers Lamb Meal and Egg Dog Food 5 LB


This dog food range by Brothers eliminates most allergens, and goat and eggs are the main sources of protein. Goat is an unusual protein for dogs, so most haven’t been sensitized to it. They also add probiotics to take care of gut health, and their nutritional values are excellent!

What makes it special?

  • It is grain-free and contains only the necessary ingredients
  • Turkey and goat meal are the main proteins
  • It also includes egg-protein, which contains all amino acids (there are 23 of them) with emphasis on the essential 9
  • A healthy gut with a healthy ability to absorb nutrients results in a healthy dog. This food contains a ton of prebiotics and probiotics to boost gut health


  • It has no sugar, sweet potatoes, grains of potatoes
  • Your dog is unlikely to be sensitized to goat protein
  • The amino acid levels are high
  • It’s from the United States, with only ingredients sourced locally


  • Egg is still an occasional allergen for dogs
  • It’s pricey
  • The grain-free option isn’t for everyone

Nulo Small Breed Freestyle Limited

Nulo Puppy Food Grain Free Dry Food With Bc30 Probiotic And Dha (Turkey And Sweet Potato Recipe, 24Lb Bag)


Nulo is a small-breed, single-protein feed. You can get it either in a salmon recipe or in a turkey flavor. It is made without most of the common allergens. The probiotic mix Nulo uses is patented, and the food is available in various sizes. If you want to test your dog’s reaction to the food prior to making a big-size commitment, this is ideal.

What makes it special?

  • It’s perfectly suited for smaller breeds with allergy problems
  • Single protein feeds eliminate many allergy problems
  • It contains zero tapioca, peas, potatoes, eggs, soy, corn, or wheat
  • It comes in both puppy and adult formulas


  • The patented probiotic is exciting for better gut health
  • The bags keep the food fresh with a Ziplock
  • The bag sizes range from four to twenty-four pounds
  • It has nothing artificial in it – including coloring or preservatives
  • Make in the good old US of A


  • It is pricey

P.S. Grain-Free Complete Dog Food

Ps For Dogs 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Food - No More Paw Licking & Skin Scratching – Solves Allergies Naturally - No More Harmful Shots, Pills & Expensive Prescription Food


This is a range that was born from a dog owner’s personal journey with allergic dogs. Nothing like first-hand experiences to inspire solutions! This feed also locks you into a series of emails, each designed to help you transition your dog to a new kind of food.

And it also gives valuable pointers and tricks to assist dogs that struggle with allergic reactions. And it comes with a complete guarantee – if you or your dog is unhappy, return it for a full refund!

What makes it special?

  • This brand focuses exclusively on dogs with allergies – very specialized
  • The email series is HUGELY helpful and informative
  • There is only one source of protein – New Zealand grass-fed lamb!
  • The guarantee is a nice touch


  • The money-back warranty is unique
  • The informative emails are wonderful
  • The ingredients are balanced and give a vitamin and mineral boost
  • The feed is right for dogs across all age ranges


  • It’s REALLY pricey

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Salmon & Potato 11-lb


Again, this is a limited ingredient feed that is great for managing allergic reactions in dogs. Blue Buffalo Basics’ sole protein is Salmon and the main carbohydrate is potatoes. It also contains a healthy formula of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost your dog’s immune system.

What makes it special

  • It has limited ingredients (great for allergies) and is completely grain-free
  • The carbs in the food are gluten-free
  • There is a single protein source – Salmon
  • Minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are added to boost and support your dog’s immune system


  • There are no artificial preservatives or flavors in the food
  • It also contains zero eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, or corn
  • Lamb and Duck recipes are available
  • Skin and coat health is boosted with plenty of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids


  • Some dog owners aren’t grain-free fans

Lucy Pet Formula Limited Ingredient Food

Lucy Pet Products Lucy Pet Formulas for Life - Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food, All Breeds & Life Stages – Duck & Potato, 850657006470, 4.5 lb


Duck is an unusual protein source for your pup, so chances are it wouldn’t have developed a protein sensitivity to it. And, of course, it is the single protein in this Lucky Pet formula. And, it’s good for your conscience too – a portion of every purchase goes to this company’s foundation!

What makes it special?

  • Duck is the single protein – very few dogs will have been sensitized to this
  • It’s a great food for all breeds and all ages
  • Plenty of Omegas in the food
  • The formula also has antioxidants to boost immunity


  • There are no artificial preservatives or flavors, no soy, wheat, or corn in the food
  • It is available in 25-pound bags if you need a big batch, but also 12 and 4.5-pound sacks
  • The lucky Pet foundation helps animals, and you contribute by buying this food

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Salmon and Potato Recipe, 24-Pound Bag


The great thing about this food is that it is simply … well, simple! Ingredients are all-natural and from the USA. Turkey or duck is the single-source protein, and the carbs in the food are easily digestible. The food is also packed with probiotics and prebiotics to boost the digestive system.

What makes it special

  • The protein is single-source – either duck or turkey
  • It has absolutely no eggs, dairy, soy, corn, or wheat. And it is gluten-free
  • Gut health is boosted with the addition of prebiotics and probiotics


  • It comes from a family-owned concern in the USA
  • Plenty of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • All ingredients are GMO-free, and it has no artificial preservatives or flavoring
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back


  • Grain-free doesn’t always work for dog owners

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach

Purina Pro Plan High Calorie, High Protein Dry Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Chicken & Rice Formula - 37.5 lb. Bag (Packaging May Vary)


Salmon is this food’s single-source protein. In addition, it also has carbs that are easily digestible as part of its formula. This makes it ideal for pups with sensitive stomachs. Healthy gut bacteria is promoted by the addition of prebiotic fiber and fish oils. These are also great for your dog’s joint health.

What makes it special?

  • It’s specially formulated for pups with sensitive stomachs
  • The formula is easily digested – and the prebiotic fiber adds to gut health
  • The recipe has some grains in it


  • Nothing artificial in sight – no artificial flavors or colors
  • Your dog’s immune system is boosted and maintained by antioxidants
  • It has rich Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids – these aid coat and skin health
  • It has no soy, wheat, or corn


  • It is not fully sourced from the United States

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Potato & Duck Formula, 26 Pounds, Grain Free


This formula from Natural balance has limited ingredients and is completely grain-free. Farm-raised ducks are the single-source protein. Every batch of food is tested a total of nine times – and they post the results for all to see on their website. That means your pooch gets the quality and care it deserves!

What makes it special

  • Limited ingredients and the absence of grains make it an excellent anti-allergen food
  • Only one source of protein – farm-raised ducks
  • It is free from artificial colors and flavors
  • It contains no soy, wheat, or corn


  • The testing of the food is vigorous and comprehensive
  • Essential minerals and vitamins make for a balanced formula
  • Most dogs haven’t been exposed to duck as a protein source. So it is a solid option as a hypoallergenic feed
  • Plenty of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids


  • The ingredients are sourced from around the world – so it’s not completely USA based

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Lamb & Sweet Potato Dog Kibble, 22 lb. Bag


Nutro creates dog foods limited to ten ingredients or less. Duck, a novel protein, is used as a single-source protein, and the feed includes no soy, corn, or wheat.

What makes it special

  • Depending on the recipe you choose, the food has ten ingredients. Or fewer than ten
  • Beef, dairy, soy, wheat, and corn are completely absent from these foods
  • The available flavors include salmon, duck, or lamb
  • The formula has minerals and essential vitamins to boost overall well-being
  • The recipe is completely grain-free


  • 100% non-GMO
  • The formula is great for healthy skin and coat
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors


  • Some dog owners aren’t great fans of grain-free

A parting shot

It’s more than fantastic that laboratories around the world are spending more and more time researching ways to boost our dogs’ health. Heck, if we could do it ourselves, we would, right?!

The products that are ending up for sale are balanced, nutritional, and tested. So, mostly there are no concerns.

The products we looked at in this article all have great reputations. And if you have a pooch that struggles with the continuous discomfort of allergies, these foods may be your first step to making your pooch’s life just that little bit more comfortable.

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