Are Samoyed Hypoallergenic?

YES! The Samoyed is a breed that hardly drools and produces very little dander. But note – IT SHEDS A LOT!

The Samoyed has the most beautiful smile of all the dog breeds. It’s famous for its polar-white coat, and it’s a medium-to-large hypoallergenic dog.

The reason the Samoyed makes it onto the list is that the proteins it secretes and excretes – the ones that trigger allergic reactions in humans – are less potent and irritating to allergy sufferers than those of other breeds.

Also, it hardly produces any dander, and it doesn’t drool at all. So, these are big plusses too. But, and here’s the big but, it sheds like crazy.

If you’re looking for a hugely friendly, fun, intelligent, beautiful, and cuddly dog the whole family can enjoy and can look past the shedding, however, the Samoyed may just be perfect for you!

The Samoyed’s looks

The Samoyed is also called Smiling Sammy. When you look at it, you’ll understand why. It really looks as if it’s smiling at you!

The breed has the most beautiful white coat and huge, intelligent eyes. It stands around sixty centimeters at the shoulder and weighs around fifty pounds. By all measurements, it falls into the category of a medium- to large dog.

Are Samoyed Hypoallergenic

Coat tales

The Samoyed coat is double-layered. The thick undercoat has an overcoat comprising of long guard hairs.

Because the Samoyed hails from Siberia where the winters are close to the harshest on the planet, the coat is there to retain body heat while the dog works outside in the extreme cold.

I can immediately see you asking about warmer climates, specifically hot summers. Well, don’t be overly concerned. In the same way that the Samoyed’s coat provides protection against the cold in winter, it provides insulation in summer. Much like the insulation in your home.

Because people get concerned about this warm coat in hot summers, they’re sometimes tempted to clip the dog – but don’t! It’s the worst possible thing you can do!

Why does it shed so much?

Shedding is a seasonal thing for the Samoyed. When the temperature warms up, this breed blows its entire undercoat. And that’s a lot of hair!

The only way to keep this under control is to brush daily while the shedding happens.

With so much shedding, how can it be hypoallergenic?

The undercoat on the Samoyed is somewhat like sheep’s wool. It can ACTUALLY be gathered and spun into yarn. It’s more than possible if you were so inclined, to wear a sweater knitted from yarn that came from your dog!

So, regardless of all the shedding, the Samoyed is still a lot more hypoallergenic than most other breeds. This is because the composition of the proteins they secrete and eventually excrete has a different chemical composition than the proteins from most other dogs.

By now you know it’s the proteins, and not the dog’s hair, that triggers your itchy, runny nose, your swollen sinuses, and your burning watery eyes when you have an allergic reaction.

So, look past the annoyance of the seasonal shedding, and you have a dog that will love you and NOT make you sneeze!

What are they like?

The Sammy is gentle, kind, highly intelligent, and infinitely patient. And the smile tells you all – they really are happy-go-lucky creatures that seem not to have a care in the world.

They love being a part of a family, they’re loyal to a fault, and they’re fun to be around. Samoyeds are fantastic around kids and love to love and be loved.

They’re not great as guard dogs because they’re simply too friendly. But nobody needs to know that, right?!

Things to consider if you’re thinking about getting a Sammy

Matching a dog and owner is critical. There are many things to consider, and only you will know which breed will be a good fit for your home. To help you along a little, here is a list of things to consider if a Sammy is on your radar:

  • The Samoyed is a people’s dog through and through. It doesn’t like to be alone, and if it is, it can become destructive to express its emotional discomfort
  • They shed like they invented shedding, so grooming is a biggie. But remember, they don’t drool or produce gander, so they’re hypoallergenic. If you brush them properly, everything will be just dandy

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  • Hot spells are fine, but Samoyeds don’t do well in areas that are hot all year around. They need lots of exercises, but they also overheat quickly, so it becomes a conundrum. But in the colder states – man, they’re great!

How are they to live with?

Before anything else, your Sammy will require love, affection, stimulation, and involvement in your family. That makes it the happiest mutt in the world.

A house is great, especially if the yard is big enough for the Samoyed to explore and have fun in. A daily walk is both a bonding session and an essential exercise session. Without these kinds of outings, the breed tends to become bored and anxious, and this leads to all kinds of destructive behavior.

Always make sure a Samoyed has enough water – in fact, access to water around the clock is essential. They overheat quickly, and water is their only defense, especially in warmer climates.

Many complexes actually accept Samoyeds but bear in mind the dog is seriously energetic and adventurous. It needs to be entertained, or it will entertain itself. And you don’t want that …

Also, if it doesn’t get regular exercise, that pent-up energy will need somewhere else to go, and the dog’s intellect makes it capable of thinking up the kinds of mischief you don’t want around your house.

Make sure they have enough chew toys, and a bone every now and again as a special treat. It will keep them out of your shoe rack!

The dog will respond to someone in the role of alpha dog and trains easily as a puppy. Older dogs can be stubborn if they weren’t trained properly as puppies.

Do they need lots of exercise?

Absolutely, they do. The Samoyeds are bundles of raw energy. A walk or a daily run with your Sammy is JUST what the doctor ordered.

They also love to be challenged mentally – and once their intellect is stimulated, they will smile even wider than before.

Agility training is the perfect activity to achieve both physical exercise and mental stimulation, and the Samoyed excels in this.

Are Samoyed Hypoallergenic


With all that shedding, surely grooming is a pain?

Not nearly as much as you would think. Remember, the shedding is seasonal. So, if you have a picture in your mind of an everyday battle with the dog’s coat, wherever he left it this time, it’s just not so!

They lose their entire coat in less than three weeks. Then you’re done for another six months.

But twice-weekly grooming is a must. The best way is to do your walk, water the dog when you get back, and continue with a brush while you have the dog’s undivided attention.

Taking your Sammy to the doggie parlor will be an expensive occasion. The thickness of their coat makes it difficult and time-consuming to work with.

What about the rest of the dog?

A weekly nail trim should be a given, regardless of the breed you have. Same with a proper check in and around the ears.

Brushing teeth is a twice-weekly ritual, and this is important because, like in humans, it prevents the buildup of tartar and the start of gum disease.

A brushing session will also allow you to do a proper inspection of your dog’s teeth and gums – remember, a lot of what we do with our hands, a pooch does with its mouth, so teeth break, sharp things may stick into the gums and cause bleeding and infection, and a lot more.

Are they generally healthy?

Are Samoyed Hypoallergenic

Absolutely. But when they start growing older, certain problems and issues may arise.

The great thing about a Sammy is that its genetic blueprint has very little human interference. The evolution of the breed is mostly natural.

This means the breed is far less prone to conditions commonly associated with breeds where the genetic lines have been manipulated and interfered with by humans.

Watch out for hip dysplasia. To help prevent or slow this condition down, don’t ever let your dog become overweight.

Proper exercise, good grooming, and a healthy diet will keep you and your Sammy together for a long time. And don’t forget to make sure all shots remain current and up to date.

A parting shot

The Samoyed is not particularly well known. It got its name from a nomadic tribe in Siberia – a people called the Samoyedic. In the frozen Siberian tundra, these dogs helped their masters to survive by hunting, herding reindeer and pulling heavy sleds.

That tells you a bit of the rich character in a Sammy!

If you have allergies and want a truly remarkable dog, a bit bigger than the norm, then a Sammy is sure to make you happy. Just make sure you have the time to spend, and the love to give, and it will be a match made in heaven.

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