Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

YES! The Ausiedoodle, or Ausiepoo, hardly sheds or drools, and is hypoallergenic

Poodle crosses have many fantastic characteristics. It’s a hypoallergenic cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a small toy to a large standard, with a medium-size fitting nicely in between.

The Aussiedoodles are very intelligent, they’re super-easy to train, and they love to please people, which has made them a hugely popular dog all over.

Where do these guys come from?

For starters, the Aussiedoodle is a designer breed. Take a poodle, and add an Aussie Shepherd to the mix, shake well, and out comes an Aussiedoodle.

Aussiedoodles are most often bred from purebred parents of the two contributing breeds. This is a great way to avoid genetic risks that show up when breeding is not scientific and meticulously controlled.

A first-generation Aussiepoo, in other words, a dog with purebred parents on either side, is likely to shed even less than generations that follow.

The Aussie Shepherd came to Australia from America, where it was a traditional farm dog and s natural cattle herder. From that line, the Aussiedoodle inherits its ultra-keen sense of sight.

The natural herding instinct will have it nipping at an unsuspecting individual’s heels when it wants attention – but this is easily trained out.

The Poodle originates in Germany, not France as many believe. It was bred as a retriever, and then made its way to France and even became the national dog of the French!

The Aussiedoodle’s ability to solve problems is second to no other breed. It’s fast, and agile, and has enormous stamina. Its instincts remain – it retrieves, thanks to mom, and herds and chases prey, thanks to dad. Or the other way around, if you want!

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic

What do Aussiedoodles look like?

The colors on the breed are varied. Merle is a signature Aussie Shepherd color. This is a patchy pattern of red-and-white, or blue-and-white.

The eyes are sometimes different colors too!

It’s the Poodle in the bloodline that gives the Aussiepoo its hypoallergenic qualities. The Poodle doesn’t shed and produces virtually no dander.

The Aussie Shepherd, in contrast, has a thick coat of straight and fluffy hair.

The Aussiedoodle is a combination of both, so the degree of hypoallergenic qualities in an individual dog depends on how much of the dog’s genetics come from Poodle, and how much is from the Aussie Shepherd.

What are the Aussiedoodles like to live with?

This is a charming pooch with bucketloads of personality. Smaller Aussiedoodles may be more energetic, and larger individual dogs may be more sedate, but they all require plenty of exercise.

Because of the genetic backgrounds of both the Poodle and the Aussie Shepherd lines, the Aussiepoo is seriously curious, and they’ll want to be a part of whatever it is that interests you.

With both the parental bloodlines being working dogs, the Aussiepoo is really task-oriented. And they’ll watch you like a hawk, trying to figure out new and fresh ways to please you.

How to make the match

When you’re considering a new dog, regardless of the breeds you have in mind, pairing the right breed and individual dog with the right owner is crucial. This is a long-term relationship you’re entering into, and great care should be taken to make the right decisions up-front.

A few things to bear in mind when you’re considering an Aussiedoodle

  • They’re smart problem solvers, and highly intelligent. That means they get bored. They need to be stimulated and they need oodles of human love and attention
  • Although they’re hypoallergenic, they still need to be properly groomed
  • They’re great with kids, but they do have a nipping instinct – a throwback to their herding days – so training as a puppy is not negotiable
  • They have lots of love to give and require plenty of attention in return. If you do nine to five, it could be a mismatch

In short, Aussiedoodles are FANTASTIC dogs! But they need a structured environment and a lot of discipline.

How easy are they to train?

They’re nothing but joy, joy, and more joy when you train them. They lap up the mental stimulation and excel at physical challenges. And every step of the way, they try to please.

They learn at the pace of a Border Collie, but with the laid-back attitude of a Poodle. Go figure. Zen meets borderline-neurotic!

Aussiedoodles understand rewards, so it doesn’t matter what you give them – a toy or a snack will do equally well. Their reward is that they know they pleased you!

If you give an Aussiedoodle half a chance to work by your side, it will be the happiest creature on God’s green earth. LITERALLY!

Bear in mind, they’re entrepreneurial! If you don’t give them a job, they’ll probably end up creating one for themselves, and you may not be 100% happy with the results!

Leave them alone at home for too long, and you’ll return to a (creative) disaster.

They’re independent thinkers, and they’re emotionally sensitive. If you have a firm, yet kind hand, and if you have a spot of experience with intelligent working breeds, you’ll have an absolute fiesta with an Aussiedoodle.

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic


What about exercise?

These guys need to work hard. Period. Their energy is tireless, and their endurance legendary.

They have a natural prey drive – and this makes them a challenge whenever you take them off the leash.

They also don’t only need physical exercise. Their minds need to be kept busy in constructive ways.

If you’re at a loss, here are a couple of ways to achieve that:

  • Teach them variations on the theme of fetch
  • Hide treats for them to sniff out
  • They’re always eager to learn new tricks
  • A decent, long walk in a place that looks and smells different from what they’re used to, will be like Christmas to them
  • Drill small holes in a tennis ball, and stuff kibble into it. Who your Aussiepoo how to shake the food out, and give the ball to them. It will keep them busy for hours

What about grooming?

Grooming and trimming will be a part of your life with an Aussiepoo. This is just the Poodle in them that will make this a requirement.

They need to be brushed at least once a week and properly trimmed at four-month intervals.

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Bath them at least once every fortnight – their coats collect dirt easily, and can quickly become matted if you don’t pay attention.

Also, when you play with the dog, do a quick check on their tails, backs, legs, and in and around the ears for matting. If you find any, simply take a pair of scissors and cut them off.

And besides the coat?

These guys have great, loveable, floppy ears. Make sure to keep the fur beneath the ear short – this helps with ventilation.

Also do a weekly check for irritation around the ears, wax buildup, or sorry odors. Long hair and floppy ears make for rapid ear infections if the health regime is left unchecked.

A bi-weekly manicure and pedicure are pretty standard with all breeds, and the Aussiepoo is no different. And give their teeth a good old scrub two or three times a week. Remember, dogs use their mouths like we use our hands – they take a lot of punishment, so help them to keep them clean!

Are Aussiedoodles healthy dogs?

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic

ABSOLUTELY! Aussiepoos are strong, hardy, and healthy. And they’re largely void of genetic issues.

But make sure you get your pup from a reputable breeder. The breeder should be able to provide you with the genetic test results from at least one of the parents. Both are preferable.

Smaller Aussiedoodles – especially the toy variety – may suffer from something called patellar luxation. This is a painful condition where the kneecap shifts around, and if left untreated, surgery may be your only option.

Larger Aussiepoos may develop hip dysplasia later in life. A decent diet and not allowing your dog to ever get overweight is your best defense here.

As long as you keep an eye on your pooch’s ears, make sure they eat healthily and make sure they don’t get obese, your Aussiedoodle will be happy and healthy, and full of spunk!

A parting shot

In our search for hypoallergenic dogs, the Aussiedoodle is one of the most impressive breeds we’ve come across. They’re so easy to fall in love with because they’re SO incredibly intelligent and communicable.

Because of the Poodle line, the Aussiepoo doesn’t shed. It produces next to no gander, and it doesn’t drool. So, the chances of the dog triggering your allergies are exceedingly small.

They’re not suited to apartment living, and shouldn’t even be considered for that type of environment. Also, if you’re not able to provide according to the dog’s exercise needs, pass and have a look at another breed.

That said if you have a firm but kind hand, and the energy and wits to match the dog, you’ll have found a partner for life!

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