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Choices of hypoallergenic dogs abound. So does misleading and incomplete information. We’ve done the homework on the topic so you don’t have to.

As passionate dog lovers, some of us with allergies, we know the heartbreak when you realize you may not be able to keep a dog because of potential allergic reactions.

But we also understand the sheer joy when you realize you have options, and as it turns out, plenty of options!

The thing is, it has always been, and always will be a huge decision. After all, you’re looking for a companion that will be with you for many, many years to come.

You have to think about your time schedule, and if a specific dog or breed will fit into that, you have to think about your home, and whether it’s sufficient for a specific pooch. And you have to think about everything in between.

This takes huge amounts of homework. And we’re striving to do most of that homework for you. We’ve put together this corner of the Internet to be a go-to resource for information, tips, and advice on hypoallergenic dogs.

You’ll notice we take an in-depth look at many individual breeds, and we often compare hypoallergenic breeds so you can see at a glance which dogs are ideal for your life and lifestyle.

We have sections where pressing questions are answered, and where misinformation is rebuffed and rectified.

Hypoallergenic dogs fulfill a vital function in our society. They’re allowing millions of dog lovers to own and love a pet – and these are people who thought they’re forever be excluded from that joy simply because they have allergies.

Those are the people who we’re here to serve. And the folks who may be on the way to becoming first-time dog owners.

Enjoy looking around. And shout if you need anything!

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